The future is here.
The storm is now.

We stand on the brink of climate catastrophe: of ecological devastation, of flooding, drought, disease, famine and war.

It is time for us to act.

Our politicians have been bought off and they are scared. We are the resistance. We are done with doing as we are told. It is time to ask for what we want.

It is time to make them hear us: to stand our ground non-violently. To dismantle the system and protect the living and ask.

We are free citizens with power not consumers. We are so much more than the powerless customer the system needs to fill its gut. We are the generation who are going to get fucked over in a way no generation has in the past.

The climate has changed. It is time for us to rise. Ask for zero emissions.

We burn with boredom for the status quo.
We are the culture hackers, the crackers, the disruptors, the now. We are the passion of the age The watchers The ones who get it – the future is here.

The storm is now.
And we are ready.

We are fury, resistance and hope. We are the future. Join us.


The Future is rising

The Future Flash Mob

On Wednesday September 23rd – the day of one of the most important climate meetings of our generation – The Future will rise up in cities around the world.

We will take to the streets and make the cities stop. Graffiti artists, dancers, skaters, free–runners, rollerskaters, singers, performance artists will take over the cities through moments of anarchic creativity.

#THEFUTUREISRISING will last for 24 hours – beginning in Sydney and ending in New York. It will be the spark of creative mayhem to let politicians know we demand their attention.

This will be the first of many global protests performed by young people to disrupt the system. Because we have a right to be angry and to erupt into the streets until we are convinced that the generation in charge will build a future that we can live in – a future that depends upon clean technology and zero carbon emissions.

If you’d like to get involved or can reach out to a network who dance, skate, party, graffiti, parkour, or do anything else beautiful and creative that will make cities stop and pay attention then please help us create the mayhem. Contact us at

The Future is rising.

Join us.


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