The future is here.
The storm is now.

We stand on the brink of climate catastrophe: of ecological devastation, of flooding, drought, disease, famine and war.

It is time for us to act.

Our politicians have been bought off and they are scared. We are the resistance. We are done with doing as we are told. It is time to ask for what we want.

It is time to make them hear us: to stand our ground non-violently. To dismantle the system and protect the living and ask.

We are free citizens with power not consumers. We are so much more than the powerless customer the system needs to fill its gut. We are the generation who are going to get fucked over in a way no generation has in the past.

The climate has changed. It is time for us to rise. Ask for zero emissions.

We burn with boredom for the status quo.
We are the culture hackers, the crackers, the disruptors, the now. We are the passion of the age The watchers The ones who get it – the future is here.

The storm is now.
And we are ready.

We are fury, resistance and hope. We are the future. Join us.


“It’s Now Or Never For Our Generation”: The Future at Downing Street

The Future Downing Street Protest

On 27th February 2014 The Future stood motionless for an hour watching Downing Street in silent protest against the Prime Minister’s reaction to the devastating UK floods.

The protest drew attention to the fact that while whole areas of England remained underwater, David Cameron ran off to Scotland to offer millions to corporations so that they can suck the last of the oil and gas from beneath the country’s seas. Burning oil and gas will only make the planet hotter, the floods deeper, and the future more perilous.

The protesters were all young people who believe that their future is under threat from climate change.  They stood outside Downing St to show their anger at the government’s failure to take action to save their future from climate disaster. Some of the people protesting had travelled all the way from Somerset after being directly affected by the floods.

Everyone involved wore The Future’s symbol – a circle drawn round the eye – to show that they are rising up to fight back, that they are judging the people in power and that they refuse to be victims of climate change.

One of the protesters, 24-year-old Amina Gichinga (pictured), said, “I am a part of The Future because I am ashamed to be living in a country led by politicians with absolutely no backbone. It’s now or never for our generation. The majority of politicians won’t even be around to see the results when shit seriously hits the fan.”

Britain is drowning. The floods are only the start of the devastation that climate change will cause. It is time for us to act. We are The Future. Join us.


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